Issue and manage cards, process transactions, and set up fees, with multiple currencies supported. Offer your customers the freedom to buy online and offline, with virtual and plastic cards. Manage balances, currencies, chargebacks, and more within one service.

Best white-label payment service providers

Agencies that use white label products just need to focus on selling and marketing the product; the white label provider does the legwork of completing the task of developing white label payment gateway the software. This means white label products are a great opportunity for sales-orientated businesses. A White-Label Payment Gateway is a complete solution for your business.

#4 How flexible is the platform and skill level required

If you don’t need white label services, the gateway may be needlessly cost-prohibitive. Still, with the wide usage of PayPal’s services as a trusted brand, it could encourage more buyers to purchase from your online store. WePay Clear helps to create a seamless branding and shopping experience. However, while you can use your own branding visuals, the term “Powered by WePay” will be visible to customers.

The IXOPAY risk engine will give you peace of mind, with its customizable risk rules and state-of-the-art fraud prevention. In choosing to white label with IXOPAY, you can save time and money on development that can instead be put into growing your business. White label payment gateways are an excellent tool for businesses to collect payments online. The gateway provides the merchant with a private-label solution, allowing them to customize their payment system and create an exclusive brand experience.

Best white-label payment service providers

You will have control over customer experience, and how you want to service them, which means direct customer acquisition. Are you a merchant services representative or an Indendent Sales Organization that’s looking to make it to the big leagues of the merchant industry; the payment gateway providers? Well, it might require some serious investment to set up a complete infrastructure that can even break your bank. However, there’s an alternative – white label merchant services.

What Type of Business Can Use White Label Products?

Merchants have greater control over customization options for the signup and checkout processes, and even emailing customers. Across industries, digital technologies are democratizing information to spur more competition and innovation. Because of this, the trend towards “open access” will only become more pervasive. In the banking industry, particularly, the open banking movement has been unfurling from its epicenter in the UK and stretching across the globe for the past few years.

White label banking is another term for private label financial services or banking-as-a-service . There are tons of white label business opportunities out there. These white label tools can be used to start an online business from scratch or be a supplement to your existing business.

What is white label software and how does it work?

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Best white-label payment service providers

White-label payments allow for you to input your own branding at the checkout screen, offering customers a seamless shopping experience with your store. White Shark Media specializes in search engine marketing and pay per click advertising, both of which are white label services as well. Their offering allows you to expand your service offering in a very hands off way. They’ll deal with everything up to client communication, you just have to deal with delivering reports and closing sales. Like the name suggests, they start at just $99/month and go up from there depending on the channels that need management. They also have a reseller program aimed at agencies, entrepreneurs and people with a list of potential clients.

Advertising & Marketing

The white label aspect of the tool is that all the reports and data can be rebranded with your business or agency’s information. You can then send these PDFs to clients or prospects to view the reports with your information on it. Weblium White Label Agency is a website builder that lets agencies create sites for clients.

You establish added credibility by using your own name and logo for payment processing services—as opposed to pointing customers to a third-party provider. It accepts payments from major credit card companies, mobile wallets, ACH payments and more. A convenient feature of Stripe is that it also offers a payment terminal for in-person card transactions if you have a brick-and-mortar store.

The payment gateway provider must be able to offer you the liberty to get anyone on board and do business with them. Nestor Gilbert is a senior B2B and SaaS analyst and a core contributor at FinancesOnline for over 5 years. With his experience in software development and extensive knowledge of SaaS management, he writes mostly about emerging B2B technologies and their impact on the current business landscape.

Guide to White Label Payment Gateways

It can process card payments for VISA and MasterCard cards while making it possible for organizations to accept payments from e-wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. It also processes transactions with customers who have non-European cards. Shopify’s setup offers a good foundation for e-commerce businesses.

After all, it is content that attracts leads and converts them to customers, isn’t it? But content without a good platform to host and display it on is useless. But the returning revenue might be in white label Content Management Systems.

Best white-label payment service providers

Creating technology to make the payment process easy and invincible. With quick onboarding, easy integration, fast & secure settlement, multiple payment options, and zero setup fees. PayStudio helps you with growing your online business by delivering your products and services to your customers. We’ll introduce you to the system and answer all of your business-specific questions before the launch. PayStudio Payment solutions help to expand and accelerate your businesses to their fullest potential no matter which industry you are in.

In many cases, it will be much better to fulfil the request of the client. However, hiring someone for the job can be costly and time-consuming. Gatewayeast’s In-House Expert team can handle each solution with precision. Moreover, cutting-edge technological advancement is quite visible with their solutions. Get in touch with the White-Label Payment Gateway Service Provider for Complete Merchant Assistance and 24 x 7 Support.

Benefits of White Labeling

This is extremely useful if you want to streamline your sales funnel and automate recurring billing processes. White label payment gateways can be costly, depending on the features you are looking for. Generally, the cost of a white label payment gateway can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.

White label agencies are often, but not always, based in countries with low costs of living. This allows them to complete the work at a cheaper rate than the agency would be able to if it hired staff of its own. Like white label software, these services help businesses and agencies offer a service to a client it doesn’t have expertise in. It can also be used to complete time-consuming tasks that the agency doesn’t want to do itself. Common white label software includes SaaS products like web and app design programs, as well as marketing tools used for lead generation, reporting and analytics. In general, it is cheap for a reseller to make use of white label software as they don’t have to spend time and money on developing the program.

Partner with a trusted, global payments leader

All financial products, shopping products and services are presented without warranty. When evaluating offers, please review the financial institution’s Terms and Conditions. If you find discrepancies with your credit score or information from your credit report, please contact TransUnion® directly. By using the Magento eCommerce platform as a jump board for white label software and service, you’ll be offering your clients one of the best eCommerce development platforms on the market. Rebrand and customize how your clients interact with the platform.

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