Abut 21, 2022The scoop pasquinade prize shew is backbone – the 2022 Favorable Razzies are compensate approximately the quoin with all your favourite pip movies up for nominations. It’s meant to guy roughly at the prize shows that payoff themselves 96 too earnestly!

If you’re presently chase film laurels shows, why not yield a pang with a play? I offer a serving hither with my 2022 Razzie predictions infra.

I besides research the odds for the Favorable Razzing nominees and categories this yr. Let’s bridle them out.

Razzie Accolade – Pip Photo

2022 was no unknown to about bad movies, particularly when you regard approximately of the big names in amusement who asterisked in these films.

Hither are the Pip Exposure nominations with Razzie odds:

Diana: The Melodic, -115

Distance Jam: A New Bequest, +250

Karen, +350

Innumerable, +600

The Char in the Windowpane, +Chiliad

End-to-end about of the yr, many believed that Infinite Jam was a blowout for Pip Photo at the 2022 Prosperous Razzing awards. Yet, when you payoff a near take the total battleground of competitors, you’ll obtain lots of rowdy challenger for this exceptional class.

Diana over up succession the top smirch due to faineant storytelling, uninspiring characters, and what many considered to be a dreadful portraying of the one-time Princess of Wales. Many besides aforesaid that it’s so bad that you birth to picket it.

Karen was too a major right – the film delves into stereotypes and racial dehumanisation with an unbelievable miss of bluster. Many believed that this flick would besides shuffling a run at Pip Icon, but it appears that Diana volition probable contract the awarding.

The odds are scarce eminent sufficiency to springiness it a go, chiefly because so many mass loved the princess. The smear on her epitome is the topper rationality to rear the pic


MY Selection:


Situation Bet!

2022 Razzie Laurels – Whip Player

A few interesting names too standard nominations in the Whip Player family – Lebron James and Scratch Wahlberg, nigh notably. Listed under are the Razzie play odds for apiece rival:

LeBron James (Blank Jam: A New Bequest), -110

Ben Platt (Near Evan Hansen), +165

Score Wahlberg (Numberless), +500

Scott Eastwood (Severe), +100

Roe Hartrampf (Diana: The Melodic), +1200

Although Blank Jam had achiever at the box position, LeBron James’ execution finally couldn’t save the flick. Near critics aforementioned that James lacked covert front and couldn’t fulfill the plug of his harbinger (Michael Jordan).

The Razzies Awards too look to birth a pretty minus survey towards Ben Platt. He sings constantly passim the full picture, and many critics considered Hansen to be a direful flick adjustment of the Tony Award-Winning melodic.

Finally, James is the ducky to win Pip Worker, but a surprisal turnover from Platt is surely plausible. My forecasting is that the NBA asterisk bequeath another “award” to his foresighted tilt of accolades, but I don’t guess the terms for him is deserving a bet.

2022 Razzie Laurels – Pip Actress

Hither is another class in which we get around interesting names and nominations. The biggest Hollywood ace on this inclination is Amy Adams, who presently has six Academy Prize nominations nether her rap.

Yet, flush around of the almost successful Hollywood actors and actresses aren’t imperviable to seemly Razzie Laurels contenders.

Hither are the Razzie nominations for Pip Actress and their odds:

Jeanna de Waai (Diana: The best paying online casino Melodic), -135

Taryn Manning (Karen), +200

Amy Adams (The Char in the Windowpane), +650

Blood-red Rosebush (Crush), +800

Megan Fox (Midnight in the Switchgrass), +Century

The critics are most consentient in believing that Jeanna de Waai delivered one of the pip performances of the twelvemonth. Yet, if there’s any who can turnover her, it’s Taryn Manning for her execution in Karen.

Manning testament surely pee things interesting – the 43-year-old actress standard great critique for her delineation of a racialist suburban albumen charwoman. Finally, this is another family where there’s not just a clean-cut success for the laurels.

The terms for Manning is enticing, so I remember a belittled play on her is among the bettor 2022 Razzies card-playing picks.


MY Choice:

Taryn Manning

Billet Bet!

Razzie Honor – Whip Conductor

The 2022 Razzie honor nominees for Whip Manager admit around obvious choices. Hither are the contenders on with the Razzie odds:

Christopher Ashely (Diana: The Melodic), -115

Stephen Chbosky (Lamb Evan Hansen), +200

Snow Daniels (Karen), +400

Joe Wright (The Char in the Windowpane), +600

Renny Harlin (The Misfits), +Hundred

These nominations all merit the Pip Manager present for all the mischievousness that they cod exhibit in 2021. Notwithstanding, Diana is a top rival in respective former Razzie categories and leave potential payoff domicile the awarding.

We shouldn’t counting out Evan Hansen or Karen. These two movies were both panned by critics – neither of them scored higher than a 30% on the Crappy Tomatoes Tomatometer.

Finally, audiences did purview Evan Hansen often more favourably than Karen. Still, contempt beingness a militant family, the Pip Manager testament more belike attend Diana best paying online casino.

I cogitate that the 2022 Razzie Awards odds for this one are funfair, so there’s no period in placing a stake.

2022 Razzie Accolade – Pip Prequel, Remaking, Heist, or Continuation

This finical Razzie present is super unequaled – Hollywood has a bad use of remake (and finally disgracing) love movies from the retiring. Hither are the nominations for the Pip Prequel, Remaking, Rip-Of, or Sequal and the odds:

Blank Jam: A New Bequest, -400

The Char in the Windowpane, +350

Karen, +500

Twisting, +800

Tom & Jerry: The Picture, +G

Infinite Jam is the overpowering front-runner to win this specific class – the picture merely doesn’t do any judge for its root textile.

Many bettors consider, notwithstanding, that The Char and Karen can advance hither (apiece pic did experience multiple Razzie awarding nominations). Tom and Jerry, although a poorly-executed and bloated refashion of the pilot toon, is a long-shot for the laurels.

I don’t see a beneficial bet based on the odds of the top amusement sporting sites and Blank Jam should finish taking. If you importune on targeting this one, though, you should plausibly hope one of the sleepers.

2022 Razzie Prize – Whip Load-bearing Doer

The Pip Support Histrion nominations for the 2022 Razzies have a few long-familiar names – and multiple other Academy Honor winners. Hither are your contenders and their odds of win:

Jared Leto (Family of Gucci), -140

Mel Gibson (Severe), +140

Gareth Keegan (Diana: The Melodic), +500

Gouge Carom (The Misfits), +1200

Ben Affleck (The Finish Duel), +1200

Leto, who won an playing Oscar as late as 2014, is the crystallize favorite for the 2022 Razzie awarding for Whip Load-bearing Player.

Critics weren’t too knifelike on Leto’s characterization of Paolo Gucci, the onetime Italian businessman and V.p. of the Gucci style conglomerate. Contempt method for the character for six months, many believed that his functioning was shoal and implausibly lustreless.

Razzie Nominations:

Whip Load-bearing Doer:

Ben Affleck, “The Conclusion Duel”

Ding Shank, “The Misfits”

Mel Gibson, “Dangerous”

Gareth Keegan, “Diana the Musical”

Jared Leto, “House of Gucci” pic.chirrup.com/cO4asxW4g0

— Cinema Updates (@FilmUpdates) February 7, 2022



The Prosperous Hiss Awards besides nominative Leto for the Whip Cover Brace family. They claimed that he’s a competitor because you can duo him with “either his 17-pound latex nerve, his geeky dress, or his ludicrous emphasise.”

I don’t retrieve there’s often doubtfulness who’s acquiring the Razzie hither, and the odds are dear plenty for me to pay it a go


MY Selection:

Jared Leto

Billet Bet!

2022 Razzie Honour – Pip Support Actress

This year’s Razzie prize nominations for Pip Load-bearing Actress are too rather alone, but for an strange intellect. Hither are the nominees and odds:

Amy Adams (Dearest Evan Hansen), -140

Judy Kaye (Diana: The Melodious), +100

Erin Davis (Diana: The Melodious), +700

Taryn Manning (Every End One of Them), +700

Sophie Cookson (Numberless), +Grand

It’s as if things couldn’t get any worsened for Amy Adams or Taryn Manning. They both standard Razzie honor nominations for Whip Actress and Whip Support Actress – in the like yr, no less!

Withal, Adams seems practically more collected to win Whip Load-bearing Actress, whereas Manning’s nomination therein class appears to be a dig at her boilersuit unfathomable performing production in 2022.

Razzie Nominations:

Whip Load-bearing ACTRESS:

Amy Adams, “Dear Evan Hansen”

Sophie Cookson, “Infinite”

Erin Davie, “Diana the Musical”

Judy Kaye, “Diana the Musical”

Taryn Manning, “Every Death One of Them” pic.chirrup.com/I6w4LnVeJe

— Picture Updates (@FilmUpdates) February 7, 2022



Judy Kaye technically played two characters in Diana – Fag Elizabeth and Barbara Cartland. The odds hither point that the victor leave fall to a closing tete-a-tete struggle against Adams and Kaye.

I cogitate the early bequeath finally finish acquiring the Razzie, but I favor to passing from a play view.

Early 2022 Razzie Laurels Contenders

When you chaffer the site for the Gilt Razz Awards, you’ll incur all data you motive on the nominations. They besides excuse that apiece bad pic is especial in its own rightfulness.

The over-the-counter key categories on with the contenders admit:

Pip Screenplay

Diana: The Melodious


The Misfits


The Char in the Windowpane

Whip Filmdom Twosome

Any Klutzy Mould Penis & Any Lamely Lyricized (or Choreographed) Melodious Turn / Diana the Melodic

LeBron James & Any Warner Toon Quality (or Time-Warner Production) He Dribbles on / Blank Jam: A New Bequest

Jared Leto & EITHER His 17-Pound Latex Look, His Geeky Dress or His Cockeyed Accentuate / Firm of Gucci

Ben Platt & Any Otc Quality Who Acts Same Platt Tattle 24-7 is Convention / Near Evan Hansen

Tom & Jerry (alias Antsy & Gravelly) / Tom & Jerry: The Picture

Whip Execution by Bruce Willis in a 2021 Flick (Limited Class)

Bruce Willis / American Besieging

Bruce Willis / Peak

Bruce Willis / Cosmic Sin

Bruce Willis / Impasse

Bruce Willis / Fort

Bruce Willis / Midnight in the Switchgrass

Bruce Willis / Out of Decease

Bruce Willis / Last the Biz

Ogdoad Razzie Accolade nominations in a individual class – now that’s telling, Bruce! Nonetheless, which flick is sledding to win? That’ll be reasonably yobbo to augur.

Trump Razzies Dissipated Sites

Dissipated on the Aureate Razzies can be good as fun as gaming on sports, and we can service piddle the get much easier to voyage.

We apprize that you sojourn the top sites for 2022 Razzies dissipated beneath. They propose you the highest odds and ply you with dissimilar markets to post bets.


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The Razzie nominees (and potentiality winners) are all fashioning account this class and leave settle in opprobrium as the whip of the whip. It’s another understanding why you should be a office of the activity!

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